Design is my heartbeat, it pulses through my veins and fuels my soul. I was originally drawn to design as a career because of my artistic instincts, but have grown to love the process of finding creative solutions to design problems equally. I enjoy the synergy of collaborating with others, drawing and building from one another's ideas to achieve a result greater than our individual parts could produce alone.

My career adventures have taken me through almost every aspect of design, including roles as a furnishings buyer and merchandiser, commercial designer, architectural product representative, residential designer and project manager.

This wealth of experience benefits my clients greatly because it gives me comprehensive knowledge of the design process, far beyond what many other designers can offer. Participating in all of these facets helped me realize that my true passion lies in design itself, in creating spaces that bring not only superb purpose and function, but also infuse beauty, passion and warmth into the lives of the people that dwell within.
rachel hunt
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